Reagan Quote #34

Quote from Reagan in Raisin's Back

Reagan: Okay, well how about you? You want to go out and maybe have like a little ladies' night? I just feel like getting really dumb.
Jess: Yeah. Dude, I'm the dumbest.
Reagan: It's a date. I am gonna take a seven-minute power nap and then go for a run to preempt all of this damage we're gonna do.


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Quote from Schmidt

Schmidt: If I don't have my taste, then what's real? Are cargo shorts gorgeous? Was I wrong about rubber awareness bracelets? Should I grow a goatee?
Winston: Look, Schmidt, you got fooled. Who cares, man? [Cece chuckles]
Schmidt: I care, Winston. I care. [exhales] I always thought of myself as a brand, as a lifestyle, but now... you know what, I'm gonna take back that chair, and I'm gonna get rid of all my gingham and I'm gonna... go buy a 14-pack of tube socks... at the grocery store.

Quote from Schmidt

Schmidt: Yeah, it's not so easy, is it? Can't just snap your fingers and become a couple of Calvin Harrises-e-es.

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Quote from Misery

Reagan: It isn't a dream job. Sure, it comes with a great salary and a vaccination for the coming elk flu. The flu that you're gonna be hearing about for the next decade.

Quote from Christmas Eve Eve

Jess: [on the phone] So I fly you down. You are my gift to Nick. What do you say?
Reagan: I don't know, Jess. I mean, I have a really big pitch tomorrow. It's a treatment for... I mean, the polite term is "gravelly bowel syndrome."