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Quote from Schmidt in Bob & Carol & Nick & Schmidt

Schmidt: What do you mean, you're gonna have your own kid?
Nick: When I have my own kid. Don't make a big deal of it. I just... I don't... I don't hate your plan. I kind of like it.
Things have been going pretty good for me lately, and I-I would like to meet my own Maria. With-a the meatballs.
Schmidt: With-a the red sauce.
Nick: [laughs] With-a the red sauce. I want to see that plan you got for me.
Schmidt: Well, come on, man. It's a rough draft, but you should check it out.
Nick: What do we got here, chief? "Nick has a boy. He calls him Gio." We die on the same day in 2098?
Schmidt: You murder me and then kill yourself.
Nick: There's not a chance I make it to 2098. Not a chance. I don't want to see the 2050s.
Schmidt: Oddly enough, you won't. See? I freeze you from 2050 to 2064.
Nick: That's why you're the genius. That's why you're the genius.

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