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Quote from Winston in Big Mama P

Jess: Guys, look at us. A year ago, we were spinning around like cows in the movie Twister. Now look at us. You guys are engaged. You're a minority owner of the bar. I'm the maid of honor who's made of honor. That joke works better on paper.
Winston: Yeah, probably.
Jess: And this guy... is the cop who freaking saved a freaking kid's life.
Boy: Help! I'm stuck!
Winston: Hey!
Boy: Help!
Winston: [grunts as he lifts car up and frees the boy]
Boy: [groans] Thanks, Officer.
Winston: Call an ambulance.
Boy: I feel fine.
Winston: [screams] For me!
Winston: You know, Channel 4 is calling me the Carport Hero. I just... I just really hope it sticks. It's not a big deal.

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