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Quote from Jess in Clavado En Un Bar

Dr. Foster: Ms. Day, we have hit a construction hiccup in our renovation, so... everybody's gonna have to be sharing classroom space.
Jess: What? Oh.
Biology Teacher: Hey, do you have a freezer or should I flush these frogs? My check comes either way. Oh, come on. Foster's sticking us with the math kids that use letters instead of numbers?
Jess: Do you mean algebra?
Biology Teacher: I guess. Anyway, it's gonna be a couple of crazy months, huh?
Jess: I'm sorry? Months?
Biology Teacher: Right. Years if the bond issue fails. Which it might, since voters are trending anti-future.
Jess: Anti-future? Who's anti-future?
Biology Teacher: I don't know. The Amish? The dying? Television industry, print media, record industry, railroad industry, karaoke machine owners. You got this? I'm gonna go not smoke pot.

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