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Quote from Schmidt in Cece Crashes

Winston: Are you even wearing underwear? What is between you and that chair?
Schmidt: Just a little bit of sunshine.
Winston: [chuckles] All right, take off that kimono, please.
Schmidt: It's my leisure wear, Winston. Look, I worked 80 hours this week. I just want to come home, put on my 'mono and just hang loose, man. Okay? If you had a job, you'd understand.
Winston: R-Really? Wow! It just got real in here. Okay, you're not gonna take the kimono off? Fine. Then I'm not wearing any pants. Boom! Bam! Mm-hmm. Everybody want to just walk around this house wearing all kinds of stupid stuff, then guess what I'm gonna do, Schmidt. I'm wearing a napkin on my face. Bam! How you like that?
Schmidt: That doesn't even make any sense, Winston.
Winston: It makes perfect sense.
Schmidt: Totally different than me wearing my kimono. You are laughing in the face of thousands of years of samurai culture. And it's an affront, Winston. It's an affront.
Winston: Look at me now, huh? This is the vibe we have in the house now because of you. You want to walk around here looking silly.
Schmidt: This is handcrafted! In China.

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