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Quote from Nick in Pilot

Nick: It's okay, hey, don't cry. [singing badly] For I've had the time of my life.
Coach: What is he doing?
Nick: And I've never felt this way before. Yes it's true. Na na na na na, and it's... [hits Coach] something something something, something something.
Coach: [sings] Oh, those bears, in my house...
Nick: And it's the song that really really makes you happy.
Schmidt: I'm not uh, I'm not doing any of this. [Nick hits him; sings:] Just remember, you're the one thing, I can't get enough of.
[As Jess laughs, the three guys all sing different lyrics]
All: I've had The time of my life And I owe it all to you
Nick: Come on, what time is it?
All: The time of my life.

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