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Quote from Nick in Single and Sufficient

Nick: Well, Schmidty, you pulled a real Mr. Miyagi on the whole "no notes, tough love" routine.
Schmidt: Let me see it. Ooh! Nick, there's a whole nother chapter here! How did you make this happen?
Nick: I worked... because of you.
Schmidt: And... who is this wise, denim-clad Jewish chaplain? Sch-Schmith?
Nick: That was the big thing. You helped me realize that Pepperwood needed a Schmith.
Schmidt: Okay. While it's an honor to be included in the world that you've created here, um... [sighs] the Schmith character seems, uh, grotesque.
Nick: Yeah, he's unlikeable.
Schmidt: I don't understand why, when we meet this character, he-he's kicking a puppy.
Nick: He's the bad guy... in Pepperwood's life. He's mean, he's... He's not somebody you want to introduce to Mom and Dad.
Schmidt: The cha... the character.
Nick: Schmith is a dirt bag. I have no respect for Schmith, and neither should anybody else.
Schmidt: I think that's a mistake to say those things about the character.
Nick: I appreciate what you're saying, but I'm happy with what I have. I don't need any notes.
Schmidt: Oh, now it's no notes?! Nick? Nick?!

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