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Quote from Schmidt in Tomatoes

Schmidt: So... How do you like America?
Nadia: I like salad bar. I like Despicable Me. Tosh 2.0. I like Connect 4, freedom of speech, David Fincher, uh... sidewalk. I like 1-800-SLIM. "Your Mama" jokes. Strawberry. Wilmer "Velmavelma". Leon J. Panetta. Ice skating for fun, not to save life. [laughs]
Schmidt: What are you laughing at?
Nadia: Cheese. Is for mouse. Are you Mick Mouse?
Schmidt: Am I what?
Nadia: Why don't you get in your spaceship like Mick Mouse?
Schmidt: What are you talking about?
Nadia: Mick Mouse.
Schmidt: What is a Mick Mouse?
Nadia: Mick Mouse!
Schmidt: I don't understand what Mick Mouse is!
Nadia: Mick Mouse!
Schmidt: I don't under... I don't... What does that mean? What's a Mick Mouse?
Nadia: Mick Mouse!
Schmidt: Are you saying Mickey Mouse?
Nadia: Yes.
Schmidt: In America, honey, okay, Mickey Mouse, he's earthbound.
Nadia: Let's do sex party. I sex you in face.
Schmidt: You're gonna sex me in my face?

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