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Quote from Schmidt in Kids

Nick: [answers phone] You've got Nick.
Schmidt: Hey, Nick-ole.
Nick: What's going on, Schmidt?
Schmidt: What it be, girl? What you got going on, ma? It's the freakin' weekend.
Nick: Did you just call me "girl"?
Schmidt: Are you wearing something sexy?
Nick: Just, you know, button-down and jeans like always.
Schmidt: Oh, you got jeans on, baby, are they tight?
Nick: Hmm, they're a little loose; I buy 'em big.
Schmidt: Oh, them jeans sound sexy.
Nick: Everything all right? You want to hang out more, Schmidt?
Schmidt: You taking care of that tushy... taking care of that tushy for me?
Nick: I'm not doing, like, squats or anything. I'm trying to eat less doughnuts.
Schmidt: You still keeping it tight?
Cece: You're an idiot.

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