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Quote from Robby in Single and Sufficient

Schmidt: Robby, are you in this group?
Robby: [snorts]
Jess: [laughing] Is he in the group? Robby is the founder, president, and secretary of the group.
Robby: I formed the group after Nadia dumped me.
Robby: I always use two sugars. My mom says 'cause I'm so sweet, you know. [Nadia tips the table over] Oh, whoa!
Robby: I didn't want to be alone, but I also didn't want to be in a relationship.
Jess: And that's when he got the idea to bring people together to help each other stay single.
Robby: Yeah, we meet weekly for non-romantic companionship.
Jess: But most of all, we just have fun. Like last week, we shut down this Korean barbecue. We paid with 13 different credit cards, and we were asked to never come back again. It was epic!

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