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Quote from Jess in Big Mama P

Jess: I like your confidence. Meeting Big Mama P is huge. Her approval means everything to Cece.
Young Cece: Mom, this is my new friend, Jess.
Priyanka: [eyes Jess up and own] 20-minute playdate. [both girls squeal]
Jess: Secretly, she's a romantic, 'cause she used to be a Bollywood dancer and Mr. P's parents forbid them from marrying.
Schmidt: Hot. Continue.
Jess: When they saw her perform, they were so moved, they gave their blessing.
Schmidt: Dance can be so powerful sometimes.
Jess: Ugh, don't I know it. That's why I booked L.A.'s premier Bollywood dance troupe, MaHotMoves Gandhi.
Schmidt: MaHotMoves Gandhi.
Jess: She's gonna love you. I gotcha.

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