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Quote from Schmidt in A Father's Love

Schmidt: This is what I'm thinking. I use my superior powers of manipulation and persuasion to get Cece to take you back. Once we've neutralized the sub-continental threat, I smite you.
Robby: What?
Schmidt: What?
Robby: You said you're gonna smite me?
Schmidt: Smite ... defeat gloriously for Cece's hand.
Robby: No, I know what it means.
Schmidt: But that's someday. For now, let's scheme, my "broheem."
Robby: Okay... I just want to reiterate that I'm not on board with the smiting.
Schmidt: Whatever.
Robby: But I like the "broheem" thing a lot.
Schmidt: Let's concentrate on the broheem part. And smite later. Yeah, okay, yeah.
Robby: Cheers, broheem.

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