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Quote from Robby in A Father's Love

Robby: What are we gonna do?
Schmidt: I don't know. I mean, one billion Indian men is a daunting foe. Suddenly I feel sympathy for Pakistan. But it's like they say, "How do you eat an elephant, Robby?"
Robby: With chopsticks.
Schmidt: What?
Robby: Slowly, with chopsticks.
Schmidt: That's ... no ... with chopsticks?!
Robby: In a taco.
Schmidt: What?
Robby: Elephant tacos.
Schmidt: Elephant tacos? Who eats elephant tacos? That's not even a saying.
Robby: Oh.
Schmidt: One bite at a time, Robby.
Robby: One bite at a time.
Schmidt: Yes. One bite at a time.

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