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Quote from Schmidt in See Ya

Schmidt: We need to talk.
Cece: All right. This is not another one of those "merlot is the whore of the vineyard" talks, is it?
Schmidt: This isn't working out.
Cece: Are you kidding... right now? Are you trying to end this with me? [Schmidt kisses Cece and walks away]
Schmidt: Now go on! You heard me! Go on! Go on, scram! Go! I hate you! Go! [screams] Go back to your kind!
Cece: Are you White Fanging me?
Schmidt: Sorry, what?
Cece: White Fang, Schmidt. The only book on your Kindle. The one that you wouldn't stop talking about. Remember, I said, "Please, stop talking about White Fang." And you said, "Someday, I'm gonna do this to somebody." That White Fang.

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