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Quote from Jess in Control

Schmidt: What the...? What is happening...? I can't take this right now. What, do we live in a pawnshop?
Jess: Hey, Schmidt.
Schmidt: [chuckles] Hey, Jess. What, uh... Where did all this come from?
Jess: I found the afghan underneath a Dumpster outside an animal shelter. And I found the lamp underneath the afghan.
Schmidt: I'm gonna assume that these are your spices jammed in here with my spices.
Jess: Yep.
Schmidt: I would really appreciate it if your non-Tahitian vanilla was not touching my Tahitian vanilla.
Jess: Oh, Schmidt, they're more than touching. [breathy voice] What's it like living in the most populous isle in French Polynesia? [French accent] I could tell you, or... I could show you. [breathy voice] Not in front of the cloves.

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