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Quote from Natalie in Mr. Monk and the Foreign Man

Natalie: Are you trying to impress that girl?
Lieutenant Disher: What girl?
Natalie: The CSI tech. You think that's a quality she's looking for in a man? Do you think she's saying, "Why can't I meet an attractive, thirty-something, non-smoker who's oblivious to the stench of rotting flesh?"
Lieutenant Disher: I honestly have no idea what you're talking about.


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Quote from Adrian Monk

Adrian Monk: Okay, this is how we do our laundry in America. These are your whites.
Samuel Waingaya: My whites, excellent.
Adrian Monk: Your off-whites. Your off-off-white. These are the primary colors: red, yellow, green, blue, and that's indigo. Left socks, right socks. I've labeled them for you.
Samuel Waingaya: But in Nigeria, we just wash all of our socks together.
Adrian Monk: Well, I don't like to judge people, but that's wrong.
Samuel Waingaya: So you mean you separate everything? But how much is that going to cost?
Adrian Monk: Uh, $200.
Samuel Waingaya: But I've been watching the Friends on TV for years. This is not how they do it.
Adrian Monk: What friends?
Samuel Waingaya: You know, the TV show Friends. Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer Aniston...
Adrian Monk: Yeah, we don't get the African TV here.

Quote from Adrian Monk

Adrian Monk: Whoa, whoa,whoa. What, what, what, what is this? What are you doing?
Samuel Waingaya: [smoking cigarette] I'm so sorry. It's so rude of me. Please, would you like one?
Adrian Monk: No, no, no thank you. But do you- Do you have to-
Samuel Waingaya: It calms my nerves. You did say for me to make myself at home. Did I misunderstand?
Adrian Monk: Wait a minute. Hold on. Here. Breathe it into this. Okay? See? There you go. And there you are.
Samuel Waingaya: I love it. It's ingenious. What do you call it?
Adrian Monk: A smoking bag.
Samuel Waingaya: I've never heard of such a thing. Is it new?
Adrian Monk: Yes, it's brand-new.
Samuel Waingaya: This would be very popular in Nigeria.

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Quote from Mr. Monk Gets Jury Duty

Adrian Monk: Your honor, I will not be able to serve today, unfortunately. For a number of reasons. First off... There's the bathroom situation. I can't share a bathroom. I just can't. You can ask Natalie. Natalie?
Natalie: Yeah, he's persnickety. He's very persnickety. He's persnickety squared.

Quote from Mr. Monk Fights City Hall

Adrian Monk: Do you see a journal anywhere? She supposedly kept a journal. [opens closet] Huh. Looks like she had some roommates. A cheerleader, a French maid. Wait. Oh, you know what? They weren't roommates, Natalie. This is a love nest. That's what it is.
Natalie: You think?
Adrian Monk: This is one of those love nests that you read about.
Natalie: Yeah, but for who? That's the question. Who was she meeting? Oh, my God!
Adrian Monk: What? What is it?
Natalie: Nothing. It's nothing. Mr. Monk, don't open that drawer, you understand? Whatever happens, whatever you do, don't ever, ever, ever... ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever open that drawer!
Adrian Monk: What if there's a clue in there? What if it could solve the case?
Natalie: I don't care!