Julie Teeger Quote #16

Quote from Julie Teeger in Mr. Monk and the Leper

Adrian Monk: Enjoy your fries.
Julie Teeger: "Since 1840." Who needed ketchup in 1840?
Adrian Monk: The security panel.
Julie Teeger: Pardon me?
Adrian Monk: The security panel in Bronson's house! Bendis Security, founded 2003. The leper said he hadn't been home in seven years. How did he know about that alarm system? Julie, I was duped. It was all a con.
Julie Teeger: A "leper-con."
Adrian Monk: What?
Julie Teeger: Was he magically delicious?


 ‘Mr. Monk and the Leper’ Quotes

Quote from Adrian Monk

Dr. Polanski: I don't think you have to worry. As I said, it's not very contagious. I've been practicing for 15 years. I've only seen one case first-hand.
Adrian Monk: I can't do it. I just... I- I can't do it.
Dr. Polanski: Well, how about this? If you do contract the disease I'll treat you for free.
Adrian Monk: The hell are you talking about? How about this? We never call the guy back. We don't see him again. I avoid him like the plague. Yeah, you know what? Exactly like the plague.

Quote from Adrian Monk

Natalie: Mr. Monk. Did you hear what he just said?
Adrian Monk: No.
Natalie: He said it's almost impossible to catch.
Adrian Monk: Yeah. In that sentence, for me, the word "almost" is really the most interesting word.

Quote from Adrian Monk

Natalie: You are overreacting, all right? All you did was shake a man's hand.
Adrian Monk: You're right. You know what? I'm glad it happened. The worst possible thing that could ever happen to me has happened. I shook hands with a leper. And I survived.
Natalie: Exactly.
Adrian Monk: The worst moment of my life is behind me now. I'm free. Wait. [Monk reorients a pan] Okay, now I'm free.