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Adrian Monk: Oh, oh, the mail.
Natalie: Pardon me?
Adrian Monk: I forgot to tell Kevin to bring in the mail.
Natalie: That's okay, I talked to him.
Adrian Monk: Maybe we should call him, just to, just to be sure.
Natalie: Mr. Monk, I took care of it. He's bringing in the mail. [opens Natalie's backpack to take her cellphone] What are you doing? What, you don't believe me? Why would I lie about something like that?
Adrian Monk: To shut me up.
Natalie: Mr. Monk, I'm not a liar. I called him.
Adrian Monk: Just to be sure.
Natalie: Mr. Monk, we are partners now. That means we have to trust each other. That is the rule, okay? I have to trust you. You have to trust me. No matter what we say.
Adrian Monk: You're right. I'm sorry.


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Adrian Monk: Sylvia, I want to apologize again for last year.
Sylia: Oh, don't mention it. It's ancient history.
Natalie: What happened last year?
Sylia: Well, it's not worth mentioning. We had a mystery weekend. And we hired some actors who were going to act out a little murder.
Adrian Monk: I'm really, really sorry.
Sylia: And, uh, it was supposed to be for three days. And everybody paid in advance for three days. Adrian solved the case in, what was it, 12 minutes?
Adrian Monk: Well, I, I knew that the general's daughter was lying about meeting Churchill, because Churchill wasn't knighted until 1953. Which meant that Reginald, the limping chauffeur, who supplied her alibi, was also lying. So obviously, they were lovers who were planning to kill the sultan, and steal the Arabian emerald.
Sylia: Anyway, uh, we had to refund everybody's money. No big deal. But we learned our lesson. No more mysteries when Adrian Monk is in town. This time we're having a wine tasting.

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Wine Expert: Now they're on step three.
Adrian Monk: Oh, step three.
Wine Expert: Sniffing. You smell the wine. Inhale deeply. Do you smell the fruit or the herbs?
Adrian Monk: Uh, so that means, really, there's only two steps left until the spitting.
Wine Expert: That's right.
Adrian Monk: Uh, all, all at once? All of them spitting on the porch here? With me on the porch?
Wine Expert: Now they're sipping.
Adrian Monk: Sipping! So spitting is next. Oh, God. Oh, here it comes. [Monk groans]

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Quote from Mr. Monk and the Daredevil

Natalie: Where are you going?
Adrian Monk: Bathroom.
Captain Stottlemeyer: Why? [Monk is silent] I'll go with you.
Adrian Monk: I don't think so.
Captain Stottlemeyer: No, let me go with you.
Natalie: We promised Dr. Kroger we wouldn't leave you alone.
Adrian Monk: I am not suicidal. I just wish I was never born. There's a difference.

Quote from Mr. Monk Is At Your Service

Natalie: Are you afraid of frogs?
Adrian Monk: I don't know. I've never been this close to one. [A frog lands on Monk's shoe] Yes. The answer is yes. Put frogs on the list. Where's the list?
Natalie: I got it. I got it. Where does it go?
Adrian Monk: Put them between possums and, uh, soccer riots. No, no, no. Uh, after after soccer riots. And before, uh, before hailstones. Yeah, so it goes...
Natalie: I got it, I got it: Soccer riots, frogs, hailstones.
Adrian Monk: At least now we know. Information really is power.