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Quote from Mr. Monk Meets the Playboy

Dexter Larsen: You know, Mr. Monk, I would love to answer all of your questions, but, right now, I am late for a tee time. But I have a private golf course out back. Some friends are coming by. Mr. Monk, do you play golf?
Adrian Monk: No, I don't play.
Lieutenant Disher: I play golf.
Captain Stottlemeyer: Lieutenant Disher does not play golf. Lieutenant Disher is still on duty.


Quote from Mr. Monk and the Naked Man

Captain Stottlemeyer: Miss Boras. Good afternoon.
Arlene Boras: What are you doing?
Captain Stottlemeyer: Searching your apartment. The yellow copy is for you and your lawyer.
Adrian Monk: You worked at St. Andrews Hospital, is that right?
Natalie: You were an X-ray technician.
Captain Stottlemeyer: Did you ever meet Peter Magneri?
Arlene Boras: Who?
Lieutenant Disher: Peter Magneri. He founded Magneri Computers. They make these.
Arlene Boras: I thought yours broke.
Lieutenant Disher: Yeah, I bought another one. 90 gigs. Life's too short, right? [music plays]
Captain Stottlemeyer: Mr. Magneri had a checkup July 23rd. That's four days before you quit.
Peter Magneri: I got a clean bill of health from St. Andrews three weeks ago. They checked me for everything, head to toe.
Arlene Boras: We just spoke to the SEC. Apparently, since July, you've been very interested in the Magneri company, except you haven't been investing. You've been selling short. You've been betting against the company. Randy, turn it off.
Lieutenant Disher: I'm sorry. It won't stop.

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