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Quote from Adrian Monk in Mr. Monk and the Badge

Det. Sgt. Louis Doyle: Edith Capriani? I'm Sgt. Doyle.
Adrian Monk: And I'm detective first class Adrian Monk.
Det. Sgt. Louis Doyle: We received a call that there was a reported homicide.
Edith Capriani: Yeah, he tried to kill me.
Adrian Monk: Who tried to kill you, ma'am?
Edith Capriani: Mr. Barton. He lives with me. He tried to suffocate me.
Det. Sgt. Louis Doyle: Monk, she's seen the badge. When did this happen?
Edith Capriani: This morning in bed. I woke up, and he was covering my mouth!
Det. Sgt. Louis Doyle: And is Mr. Barton still inside?
Edith Capriani: Yeah. He's going crazy in there. He acts as though he owns the place, but it's my name on the lease. It's my apartment! He's a deadbeat. Good for nothin'!
Det. Sgt. Louis Doyle: Now you go in. I'll cover the back.
Adrian Monk: Stay here.
Edith Capriani: Don't shoot! Oh, don't shoot him! Don't shoot him. Oh, Mr. Barton, I can't stay mad at you.
Adrian Monk: It's a cat?
Edith Capriani: Shh. [whispers] He thinks he's people.

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