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Quote from Adrian Monk in Mr. Monk Is Underwater

Lieutenant Disher: [answers phone] This is Disher.
Adrian Monk: Yeah, Randy, it's me. Adrian Monk. I need you to I need you to research a possible murder victim.
Lieutenant Disher: Yeah, sure, what's the name?
Adrian Monk: Okay, he's a Lieutenant Commander. Jason Pierce. Talk to his family, see what they think. Maybe he kept a diary or some sort of log.
Lieutenant Disher: Yeah, I'll get right on it. Where are you?
Adrian Monk: I'm on a submarine. The USS Seattle.
Lieutenant Disher: [chuckles] Yeah, seriously.
Adrian Monk: We're underwater. Periscope depth. Water temp, 46 degrees. Speed, 50 knots. Relative bearing two-five-niner.
Lieutenant Disher: You're on a submarine?
Adrian Monk: Roger that.
Lieutenant Disher: How you doin'?
Adrian Monk: Fine, I'm fine. I'd be going crazy if Dr. Bell wasn't here.
Lieutenant Disher: Dr Dr. Bell's there? How did he get on the submarine?
Adrian Monk: Well, hold on. Look, I'll let him tell you. He's right here. [to air] It's Disher. Yeah, I work with him.
Lieutenant Disher: [after a long silence] Monk?
Adrian Monk: I know, right?
Lieutenant Disher: Hey, Monk? Monk?
Adrian Monk: Can you believe it? That's a true story.
Lieutenant Disher: Yeah, uh-huh. Is there anyone else there I can talk to?

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