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Quote from Lieutenant Disher in Mr. Monk Visits a Farm

Sheriff Butterfield: I told you to do something about the deer.
Lieutenant Disher: Actually, sheriff, the deer in the road was a big clue, was one of the keys to my solving the case.
Jimmy Belmont: What case? What am I doin' here? Sheriff, you said this was important.
Lieutenant Disher: Well, I think solving a murder case is important. Don't you, Mr. Belmont? Here's what happened. My uncle must have stumbled across your secret crop. Oh, you know what I'm talking about, fields of reefer. [Jimmy looks at Monk] You lured him up here. We'll never know how, but at some point, you hit him.
Probably from behind. Then you put him in his pickup truck and you shot him. You shot him point-blank in the head.
Jimmy Belmont: You're delusional.
Lieutenant Disher: Am I? [to Monk] Am I?
Adrian Monk: You're doing fine, Randy.
Lieutenant Disher: It had to look like a suicide. You need a motive. So you killed or drugged Nadine and left her on the road. Then you backed up the truck and put salt licks under the fender. Probably the same four salt licks that are missing from your supply shed. Then you went to the dance and made sure you were seen. It was a perfect alibi. And that is how you did it, Mr. Belmont.
Deputy Hatcher: Uh, I'm not following.
Adrian Monk: Randy, I don't think you're quite done. Remember, you mentioned that part about the.... [imitates sprinklers] sprinklers.
Lieutenant Disher: Yes. I'm not done yet. The sprinklers! At 8:00, the sprinklers kicked on and melted the blocks of salt. Touchdown! When the lights flickered, you were half a mile away in front of 50 witnesses. As pretty a piece of homicide as I've ever encountered. Where were you?
Adrian Monk: I... I guess I just... I don't know.
Lieutenant Disher: I understand. You're in a slump. Don't worry, I've been there. Just give it time, you'll be back.

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