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Quote from Adrian Monk in Mr. Monk and the Lady Next Door

Dr. Bell: You're a lucky man. [off Monk's silence] Adrian? Talk to me. Come on.
Adrian Monk: What's the catch?
Dr. Bell: With what?
Adrian Monk: With Marge. What do you suppose she's after?
Dr. Bell: All right, Adrian-
Adrian Monk: Every time somebody wants to be my friend, it turns out they're after something. They have an angle.
Dr. Bell: No, not necessarily.
Adrian Monk: How could somebody- How could anybody love me unconditionally? I mean, come on. You've met me.
Dr. Bell: Adrian, I know you've been burned in the past, but you have to trust people. See, there's not always a catch.
Adrian Monk: Then how do you explain this? There's always a catch.

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