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Quote from Adrian Monk in Mr. Monk's 100th Case

Hal Tucker: Well, killing my girlfriend was the easy part. The hard part was pretending to be Monk's friend for a week.
Jimmy Belmont: You ever hear the man try and tell a joke?
Joey Krenshaw: It's like verbal root canal.
Hal Tucker: Excruciating.
James Novak: How did you feel when he arrested you?
Hal Tucker: I actually- I was feeling sorry for him. I felt like he was the village idiot or something. You know, it was humiliating.
Jimmy Belmont: Until that there summation thing.
Hal Tucker: Oh, my God. That summation. I love when people tell me what I've already done.
Joey Krenshaw: Droned! Just, uh, the longest four minutes of my life.
Hal Tucker: I mean, I knew what I did. I killed her. I didn't need him to tell me.

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