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Quote from Adrian Monk in Mr. Monk and the Garbage Strike

Delivery Guy: You called for pick-up?
Adrian Monk: Yeah! Thank you. Right there. Thank you. Watch the woodwork.
Delivery Guy: There's no address on these.
Adrian Monk: I know. Just send 'em anywhere. It doesn't matter.
Delivery Guy: Well, we can't just send 'em anywhere, sir. We gotta have an address.
Adrian Monk: Don't you guys have a depot place? Where you can just 'em in a corner?
Delivery Guy: "Put 'em in a corner"?
Adrian Monk: O- Okay, okay. All right, uh... What- Uh, what's your address?
Delivery Guy: Have a nice day, sir.
Adrian Monk: All right, okay! All right. Okay, hold on. Hold on. Hold on. Okay, just a second. All right. Okay, there it is. There's- There's- There's the address. And that's where you send it. Right there. Thank you very- Watch the woodwork. Watch the trim.
Natalie: What were you doing?
Adrian Monk: Nothing. Nothing.
Natalie: Where's your garbage? Did you just mail your garbage to somebody?
Adrian Monk: These are desperate times, Natalie. Desperate times.

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