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Quote from Adrian Monk in Mr. Monk Gets Jury Duty

Adrian Monk: You're a science teacher, right? Is it what I think it is?
Teacher: It's lime.
Adrian Monk: That's what I thought. I think number 12 murdered that woman in the dumpster.
Foreman: Why?
Adrian Monk: She needed to get on a jury. I remember her talking to a woman in the assembly room. I think she was looking for someone who lived alone with no family, who wouldn't be missed.
Sports Fan Juror: Killing somebody to get on a jury? That's a first.
Postal Worker: She's been looking at that clock all day.
Adrian Monk: That's right. She's- She's waiting for something. She's stalling us. She doesn't care what the verdict is. Whatever way we vote, she will vote the opposite.
Teacher: But in the first ballot, she voted with us.
Adrian Monk: But she was sitting next to me. She must have seen how I was voting and went the other way.
Pierced Girl: I don't believe it.
Adrian Monk: I can prove it, I think. But I'm gonna need your help.
Foreman: No, wait a minute. We can't just-
Adrian Monk: Yesterday, you said we were partners. I can't do this alone.

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