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Quote from Marci Maven in Mr. Monk and the TV Star

Adrian Monk: Marci. What are you doin' here?
Marci Maven: I just came by to thank you. God, that was so crazy of me to confess to murder.
Adrian Monk: What time is it?
Marci Maven: Midnight.
Adrian Monk: Midnight. I'd invite you in, but, uh...
Marci Maven: I make you uncomfortable, don't I? That's okay.
Adrian Monk: No. Listen, I'm sorry about Brad and...
Marci Maven: Oh, I don't even like Brad anymore. Ugh. I'm never seeing his show again. No way. Which is easy to say anyway, 'cause, you know, they canceled it.
Adrian Monk: Well, okay. Good for you. I'm happy for you.
Marci Maven: You know, they told me how you solved the case and everything, Adrian. And I just think you're wonderful.
Adrian Monk: No. Not- Not really.
Marci Maven: Yeah. Really. I started a whole Web site about you. And a newsletter.
Adrian Monk: Don't do that.

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