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The Wow Factor

‘The Wow Factor’

Season 4, Episode 18 -  Aired March 27, 2013

As they renovate a house together, Claire and Cameron have developed methods for reining the other in. Meanwhile, Phil decides to teach the girls basic home maintenance, Jay spends some bonding time with Joe, and Mitchell confronts a schoolyard bully at Lily's school.

Quote from Cameron

Cameron: Yes. I think the fountain's a little pricy. But you know what? It's gonna more than make up for itself when a family comes in here and falls head over heels in love with this home.
Pam: Okay, that's a valid point. It is a bit of an empty space out there.
Cameron: Thank you.
Claire: Well, I mean, I see what you're saying. Sorry. It's hot in here, right?
Cameron: Oh, well, you know, that happens to women of a certain age, like with my mom.
Pam: Are you kidding? What are you, like, 35?
Claire: What are you, like, an angel sent from heaven?


Quote from Claire

Claire: I see what you're saying. I just feel that we might be pricing ourselves out of the market. If a family wants to come in here, and- and build themselves a fountain, they can do so themselves.
Pam: That's true.
Cameron: Um, okay, well, you know, Pam, um, there are lots of families like ours moving to this neighborhood for the schools. P.S., saw Connor's art project, gorgeous. Talent runs in the family. Anyway, I'm just saying I think a family would respond to having a little drama in the backyard.
Claire: I think Pam's made it pretty clear what she likes. Am I right? Oh, no. Now my shirt is all see-through.
Cameron: And so are you. Please tell me you are not falling for this.

Quote from Manny

Gloria: I can't believe I just went garter shopping with my son.
Manny: When you find a better way to keep my socks up, let me know.

Quote from Gloria

Manny: Hey, as long as we're in the mall, you wanna stop in the baby class to see Jay and Joe?
Gloria: No. They need this time to make a connection. It's not like mother and son, that the bond is naturally strong.
Manny: Hey, isn't that Joe over there?
Gloria: No, that's some weird baby. He's not perfect like my little Joe.
Manny: But he's got the same blanket.

Quote from Jay

Jay: I don't know why your mom's so mad.
Manny: Maybe it has something to do with giving your son away to a complete stranger.
Jay: You're next.

Quote from Jay

Jay: And what were you two doing in the mall, anyway? I thought you were seeing "Moby Dick."
Manny: It was sold out. Maybe that's how you can make it up to her. Take me to the "Moby Dick" reading tomorrow.
Jay: Nice try.
Manny: Doing something selfless for her other son could make up for your monumental blunder.
Jay: Maybe flowers or jewelry. I like to throw money at the problem.

Quote from Jay

Gloria: Ay, Manny, I am so sorry. But you know that I am always trying to do everything for everybody in this family. [to Jay] But you. You only do what's good for you. Let me tell you something, Jay Pritchett, when it comes to raising kids, you get what you give.
Jay: Well, you rattled that off pretty goodly.

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