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The Storm

‘The Storm’

Season 7, Episode 14 -  Aired February 24, 2016

When a huge thunder storm brings downpours and power outages, the whole family gathers at Jay and Gloria's house, which Jay is desperately trying to escape so he can go see his old Navy buddies. Phil is determined to be a hero after embarrassing himself earlier in the day. Mitchell and Cameron try to impress a popular girl who is attending Lily's party. Meanwhile, Haley wonders why Andy has been cold to her lately.

Quote from Gloria

Gloria: What's going on here? I could cut the tension with my machete.


Quote from Haley

Haley: [aside to camera] Andy I started out pretty hot and heavy, but, uh, the last few weeks I've just been super busy, so I guess he's feeling neglected, and he's acting a little cold. I mean, a chuck on the arm? What are we, Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer? [chuckles] Those are people, right?

Quote from Cameron

Cameron: What? They didn't like the peanut-butter sandwiches?
Mitchell: No. No one would touch them after Ashley said, [as Ashley] "Crunchy?"
Cameron: Sh! What are you, crazy? She's right there.
Mitchell: Ugh! This is ridiculous. Are we really gonna let an 8-year-old dictate this party?
Cameron: You know how peer pressure is. I had an Ashley when I was Lily's age. She blackballed me from the cafeteria table, and then no one would sit with me. I had to eat outside with the class rooster. And then one day-
Mitchell: Okay, if this ends in another case of you almost eating one of your animal friends, I can't.

Quote from Luke

Alex: Why can't we remember this last piece? We just had it this morning.
Luke: Hey, guys. I know you're busy, but do you think being hit by lightning can make people smarter?
Alex: Get out of here.
Luke: Huh. Yeah. [starts writing on the whiteboard] It's probably just a myth. There's so much crazy stuff written on the Internet these days.
[aside to camera:]
Luke: Turns out, when they figured it out the first time, the formula was in the background of a selfie I took.
Luke: Anyway, if you don't think lightning can do that, it must not be true. After all, you are the smartest people I know. [drops the marker pen]

Quote from Phil

[aside to camera:]
Phil: There was an incident this morning at our annual neighborhood block party.
Claire: Cam usually provides the entertainment at these things, but he had Lily's birthday party, so Phil volunteered.
Phil: Who needs a Fizbo if you can have a Philbo?
Phil: What?! I mean, where does it end? It's so long! It's comically long, when you think about it.
[aside to camera:]
Claire: Thing is, Phil's terrified of clowns.
Phil: Just thought if I was the clown, I wouldn't be scared. Like how you can't tickle yourself.

Quote from Jay

Jay: I powered up all your essentials. Now I'm gonna go meet my buddies.
Manny: I see my espresso machine didn't make the cut, but I'll manage.
Jay: One of the guys I'm meeting was lost at sea once. Had to eat a jellyfish. I'll speak to him of your courage.

Quote from Cameron

Lily: Hey, Ashley hates the costumes. You got to think of something else!
Mitchell: What do we do?
Cameron: Well, I don't know. Our friends are basically 8-year-old girls. What would they want to do?
Both: Dance party!

Quote from Claire

Claire: Oh, honey, you're gonna be fine. I can't believe you let him get struck again!
Luke: Again?
Phil: Don't worry about it, champ. I don't even think it hit him. Last time he smelled like aluminum.
Luke: Last time?!
Claire: Honey, your father and I are trying to talk.

Quote from Gloria

Gloria: I'm just saying, you could tell him since you already peeped.
Claire: I didn't peep.
Gloria: Tell him that he has a beautiful body so at least something good comes out of the peeping.
Claire: Please stop saying that.
Gloria: When I see Luke naked, I am going to tell him, "Luke, you have a beautiful body."
Claire: "When"?

Quote from Gloria

Gloria: What are you talking about? "Hero"? You're so much more than that. You have flaws. You fall down a lot.
You frighten yourself. You cannot even open a jar. You cry all the time.
Phil: I'm really ready for this to build into a compliment.
Gloria: The point is that you are comfortable with yourself, and you make people around you feel comfortable. They feel that they can talk to you. That's your superpower!

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