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Modern Family: The Late Show

505. The Late Show

Aired October 16, 2013

Jay managed to get the family reservations at a hot new restaurant, if they could only get there. Gloria is taking forever to get dressed, Claire and Phil bicker over letting Luke stay home alone, and Mitchell and Cameron having a clothing clash.

Quote from Jay

Jay: I don't know if it was the six scotches I drank waiting for everybody, or the fact that I hadn't eaten anything since breakfast. Or the moment Phil's suit finally gave up. They even played my favorite song.
[flashback to Jay singing "Midnight Train to Georgia" by Gladys Knight and the Pips]
Jay: A train I'd never make unless I told Gloria it left at 11:00.


Quote from Haley

Haley: I don't get it. Doesn't the wine get the cow drunk?
Manny: Thank you.
Jay: Honest to God. Have neither of you seen a cow? They're huge.
Haley: I bet Tequila would do it quicker.
Jay: It's not the goal to get the cow drunk.

Quote from Phil

Claire: New suit?
Phil: This old thing? Yes, it is. I got it at this hipster place downtown. You like it?
Claire: It's tight.
Phil: Well, the salesman said it was the style, and he looked like a Mumford and Son, so I think he'd know.
Claire: Mm, let's go.
Phil: Whoa. Slow down, Flo Jo.

Quote from Jay

Jay: Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!
Manny: I've never seen you so excited about a restaurant.
Jay: I've waited six weeks for this reservation. They have an Australian wagyu beef that's supposed to change your life.
Manny: In the way heart disease changes your life?
Jay: Because you're a pillar of health. They only feed this cow alfalfa, barley, and red wine, and some chef hand-picks each cut, dry ages it 35 days before cooking it to a perfect medium-rare, all for me.
Manny: Doesn't the wine make the cow drunk?
Jay: It's not "The Far Side." The cow doesn't drive anywhere.

Quote from Luke

Phil: What are you doing?
Claire: Making sure Luke knows what to do in case of emergency.
Phil: Of course he does.
[Claire activates the fire alarm's test mode. It beeps]
Luke: Someone's at the door!
Phil: Luke, it's just your mom testing you.
Luke: Don't worry, Mom. If I hear that while you're gone, I won't answer. I'll just hide where no one can find me.

Quote from Phil

Haley: What are you doing?
Phil: I'm striking a seductive pose for your mother.
Haley: Gross. But I like the suit. Is that new?
Phil: Oh, yeah. Now that his honey gots her own money, daddy went and snagged hisself some new threads, girl.
Luke: [laughs] Hands down, your funniest voice. Bordering on the offensive.

Quote from Haley

Claire: Honey, what are you still doing here? You're supposed to be babysitting Joe.
Haley: Yeah, but I have to drop off Alex to watch Lily first, and she's still not ready. She can't be concerned about her looks, right?
Alex: [o.s.] I can hear you!
Haley: I'm kidding. I'm just saying, it'd be sad to think she actually tries.
Alex: [o.s.] Heard that, too!
Haley: It was a joke! Man, do big ears actually hear better?
Alex: Oh, my God, just stop talking.

Quote from Mitchell

Cameron: Oh, it's fine. You know what? We have to pick the "Save the Date" card. I'm at a loss.
Mitchell: Can we just do it tomorrow? I hate the way my dad looks at us when we're late, like we're two silly queens blasting disco music, primping, losing track of time.
Cameron: Wow, it gets really busy in that head, huh?

Quote from Jay

Jay: Gloria! Let's go!
Manny: You know she's not here, right?
Jay: What?
Manny: She's having her hair blown out.
Jay: That's a thing? That I pay for?
[aside to camera:]
Jay: Gloria's always late. Then I get mad and tell her to hurry. We yell, and it just takes longer. So I promised myself, no matter how late she is, just to take some deep breaths and stay calm. That's the only thing I learned in Lamaze class because we were always late.

Quote from Phil

Claire: I think Luke is scared to be left in the house alone, and he's just pretending to be brave for you.
Phil: Honey, he's 14. We left Alex alone when she was 10.
Claire: We didn't leave her. We forgot her.
Phil: And when we got home, she was fine. Physically. Plus, she's still friends with that sweet 911 operator.

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