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The Big Game

‘The Big Game’

Season 5, Episode 9 -  Aired December 4, 2013

Cameron is determined to secure his place in the school's history by winning a record third game in his first season as coach. Meanwhile, Claire is fed up of being treated differently at work because she's the bosses daughter, and Phil tries to keep an optimistic spirit as he goes almost an entire month without selling a house.

Quote from Dylan

Dylan: Haley!
Haley: Hey, Dylan! I didn't realize you were coming here.
Dylan: Are you kidding? This place was like a home to me. It's like I was homeschooled. But I wasn't. I was school-schooled.
Alex: Were you?


Quote from Dylan

Dylan: Oh, did I ever tell you that I put your name up here? Huh?
Haley: "Haley Dunphy dome." Aww, you named our special spot?
Dylan: Actually it was supposed to be "Haley Dunphy, do me." I'm bad with spacing.
Haley: Oh, you're not so bad.

Quote from Phil

Claire: Are you okay, honey?
Phil: Yeah! It's all about keeping an attitive positude. Positude attitive.

Quote from Gloria

Gloria: So, Lily, tell me more about this Patrick.
Lily: He likes the swings, he sits by the flag, and he can count to 100.
Gloria: He sounds like the whole package. Then what is the problem?
Lily: He doesn't notice me.
Gloria: So then make him notice you. You don't want to wake up one morning as a lonely 9-year-old, wondering where all the time went.

Quote from Manny

Manny: [on the phone] Hey, mom. If you're at the store later, could you pick up some ice? I'm gonna need it for after the game.
Jay: My little athlete.
Manny: I want to try out the gelato maker I traded my bike for.
Jay: Lures me in every time.

Quote from Phil

Phil: [aside to camera] Real estate and, to a lesser extent, life is all about perseverance. Things go wrong. Keys get lost, deals fall through, keys get misplaced. Uh, a lot of it has to do with keys. But that's when you find out there are two types of people: those who waste time staring at a closed door and those who find a window. I'm looking at my first month ever without a sale. Some people might give up. But those people aren't Phil Dunphy. It's like I tell my kids: keep a positive attitude and things will fall your way. As my favorite redhead once sang, the sun will come out tomorrow. That redhead, of course, was Mitchell, introducing me to the plucky orphan Annie, whose never-say-die attitude pulled this country out of a little thing called The Great Depression. And anything a little girl can do, I can try to do, too.

Quote from Haley

Haley: Wow, you really are invisible, huh?
Alex: I could not be more fine with it.
Haley: You're like that guy from that movie who wishes he was never born.
Alex: "It's a Wonderful Life."
Haley: You say that, but do you mean it?

Quote from Dylan

Haley: Can we do it earlier? I have a midterm tomorrow.
Dylan: Oh, I can't do earlier. I've got to meet up with some classmates from nursing school.
Haley: You're gonna be a nurse?
Dylan: Yeah, I figured it was a natural next step. I've always healed people with my music, and now I'm just doing the same thing with drugs.
Haley: .Well, ye-- another time, then.
Dylan: Yeah.
Haley: Yeah.
Dylan: Hey, if everything goes well, maybe one day I'll see you in the hospital.
Haley: I'd like that.

Quote from Cameron

Manny: Hey, you think someday they might name this field after you?
Cameron: Well, you're not the first person to think along those lines. Earlier today, someone in the faculty bathroom was messing around with the phrase "Cameron Tucker dome."

Quote from Alex

Phil: have to show a house today, so see you guys at Luke's football game.
Haley: I'm too tired to go. I have a midterm tomorrow, which I'll probably fail and I was up really late studying.
Alex: She was. I was up really late doing this. [drops mouth]

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