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Summer Lovin'

‘Summer Lovin'’

Season 7, Episode 1 - Aired September 23, 2015

Haley and Andy spend the summer moving on from each other after her failed to attempt to stop him from proposing to Beth. Jay and Gloria are in for a surprise when they try to get Joe into pre-school. Meanwhile, Cameron tries to nudge Mitchell back into work.

Quote from Dylan

Haley: Wow, that is such a cool idea. It's so good to see you.
Dylan: Do you want to get some coffee sometime?
Haley: I'm not doing anything right now.
Claire: Uh, movie.
Dylan: Nice try, but not all "V" words work, Mrs. D.


Quote from Cameron

Cameron: [aside to camera] Mitchell really embraced this whole "take a little break" thing far more than I expected. But for years, he supported both of us while I pursued my passions: photography, hip-hop dancing, fox hunting. So I couldn't be the one to tell him to get a job. But maybe somebody else could.

Quote from Luke

Haley: You scheduled your breakup?
Sanjay: Yes, Labor Day. That's when I leave for school.
Alex: 86% relationships end in failure. It's the only logical course of action.
Haley: That is the least romantic thing I've ever heard. Stay together.
Luke: Wrong. Break up. College is the sexiest candy store in the world. You don't want to show up with your jaws wired shut.

Quote from Phil

Claire: Ugh. I can't believe we've got that dodo back in our lives.
Phil: At least Haley's happy.
Claire: Honey, could you at least take that t-shirt off?
Phil: They loved it at the deli. They were kvelling.

Quote from Mitchell

Jay: You know what's happening here, don't you? You're having a mid-life crisis.
Mitchell: Oh, my god.
Jay: Some guys, it's fast cars and women. Me, it was golf. You, it's just a little gayer.
Mitchell: I know like 10 lesbians who could out-golf you.

Quote from Cameron

Cameron: Haley, your dad's on the phone. He says it's urgent.
Manny: He's with a surgeon?
Jay: I think he said "sturgeon."
Mitchell: Cam, is it "surgeon" or "sturgeon"?
Cameron: I am ripping these stupid braces off the second I get home.

Quote from Mitchell

Mitchell: Oh, god. Oh.
Lily: Daddy looks tense.
Cameron: He's just paying bills. Is everything okay, honey?
Mitchell: Oh, you walked over here. I just thought you Uber-ed everywhere. Okay, I got to breathe. That's still free, isn't it?

Quote from Cameron

Cameron: So why don't you take this chance to do something fun, find a hobby? You know, every time we go to a gallery, you always say, "I could paint something that stupid." Well, prove it.
Mitchell: You know what? I have. I've always wanted to paint.
Cameron: And the place upstairs is gonna be a rental gold mine. Once we paint it, we furnish it, we fix the electric, redo the plumbing, and figure out why that brown spot won't stop growing.
Mitchell: It's growing?

Quote from Phil

Haley: Mom, I'm just gonna go take a nap.
Claire: Oh, sweetheart, do you want me to snuggle with you till you fall asleep?
Phil: Okay, that's it. Pity party's over. Time for some Dunphy fun. We are going to the movies. [stroking Haley's hair] When was the last time you showered?
Haley: What day is it?
Phil: We will wait.

Quote from Manny

Manny: I have a question. Uh, I attend high school with one of your graduates, a Theodore Durkas. Did you turn him into a monster, or was he always like that?
Miss Ford: I actually remember Teddy Durkas. He was a lovely boy.
Manny: I'll give him your regards next time he's making one of my nurples purple.

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