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Starry Night

‘Starry Night’

Season 1, Episode 18 -  Aired March 24, 2010

Mitchell is upset when Jay invites Manny along to watch a meteor shower, one of the few activities they have in common. Meanwhile, Phil and Claire take different paths to help their kids with school projects, and Cameron and Gloria spend an evening out together.

Quote from Luke

Luke: I did it.
Phil: Hey.
Claire: Oh, my God.
Luke: Do you like it?
Claire: I-I- I love it. Did you do this?
Phil: All him.
Luke: I used Mr. Potato Head ears because van Gogh cut his ear off. And there's money because his paintings sell for, like, a bajillion dollars, which is sad because he died broke.


Quote from Claire

Claire: Sweetie, can you hand me those?
Haley: [on the phone] Uh-huh. Yeah, I can talk. [to Claire, after she throws the cupcakes in the trash] What are you doing?
Claire: I showed you how to make 'em, and now you can do it yourself. Come on, guys. Let's go.

Quote from Haley

Haley: Well, good, because I really wanted to. Okay. I'm setting the oven to 700! I'm putting, uh- I'm putting the eggs in the bowl! Oh, I got some shells in 'em! Uh-oh! Are you serious?

Quote from Mitchell

Mitchell: So, I know you'd never, um- I know you'd never, never believe this by looking at me right now, but, um, I used to get picked on at school too.
Manny: So Jay told you?
Mitchell: Yeah. Yeah, they would, um- They'd call me weird. I was weird. Uh, fun weird. But I- This is the funny thing about growing up. For years and years, everybody's desperately afraid to be different, you know, in any way. And then, suddenly, almost overnight, everybody wants to be different, and that is where we win.
Manny: I'm sort of counting on that. I'm sorry I was picking on you too much. Jay said that's what brothers do.
Mitchell: Well, we don't have to listen to him. Brothers do that too.
Jay: Okay, ladies. Finish up your tea party. You're missing the show.
Mitchell: Can't believe I was fighting over this guy, huh?

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