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Modern Family: Someone to Watch Over Lily

220. Someone to Watch Over Lily

Aired April 20, 2011

Mitchell and Cameron debate who should be Lily's guardian if anything should happen to them. Claire is concerned that Luke might turn out like Phil. Meanwhile, Haley bonds with Alex when she drives her to cello practice.

Quote from Luke

Phil: But all the girls at work love it when I bring Luke by. Especially that receptionist Heather. Right, buddy?
Luke: She smells amazing.
Claire: Well, honey, you're gonna have to smell Daddy's receptionist some other time.
Luke: Like peaches.
Alex: If you're both going out, who's taking me to cello?
Luke: One time, she gave me a Woody.
Claire: Sweet Je-
Luke: She remembered he's my favorite character from Toy Story.
Claire: She did.


Quote from Cameron

Mitchell: [aside to camera] So Cam and I have been revising our will to specify who should take care of Lily if, God forbid, something happened to us.
Cameron: God forbid.
Mitchell: I said God for- So we've been dropping by unannounced to, you know, casually assess our candidates.
Cameron: Not all of our candidates.
Mitchell: No, that's true. We did not drop by Missourah.
Cameron: It's Missouri. No one from Missouri would say "Missourah."
Mitchell: I'm so sorrah.

Quote from Luke

Dr. Klausner: Luke, I'm gonna talk to your mom and dad for a minute, okay?
Luke: Okay. She's, like, the best doctor ever. A couple of puzzles, no shots. I didn't even have to take my pants off. Found that one out a little late.
Phil: I've been there, buddy.

Quote from Haley

Alex: That's weird. My cello teacher's car isn't here. I wonder if she's not home.
Haley: So go knock on the door, Alan Einstein.
Alex: Don't leave. And it's "Albert."
Haley: I know. Alan's his dorky brother who played the cello.

Quote from Gloria

Gloria: If you want, I can stay with the little princess.
Cameron: Oh, that's a great idea. Oh, yeah, I'll just go out and get her bag.
Gloria: Maybe I take her to the mall buy her a new outfit, get her some hair rings. Is that okay?
Mitchell: Yes, yes. Of course. You know, Gloria, Cam and I were talking about what would happen to Lily if anything were ever to happen to us. And we were thinking-
Gloria: Oh, my God! Si, si, si! I take her!
Mitchell: Okay, that's sweet, but you realize it would only happen-
Gloria: I can't wait!
Mitchell: Hopefully, it's a long shot.
Gloria: Ay! A little girl!
Mitchell: There would have to be a very tragic accident.
Gloria: I know, I know. Nothing is going to happen.
Mitchell: No.
Gloria: But if it did, we would be so happy! Ay!

Quote from Manny

Jay: Want some coffee?
Manny: Say yes. It's French press. I was doubtful too but I honestly can't see myself going back to drip.
Jay: I'm so happy you don't live in a tough neighborhood anymore.

Quote from Gloria

Mitchell: We're so sorry for just dropping by like this.
Gloria: Are you kidding me? I'll take any chance to spend time with this little princess. I love her little hair, her little toes.
Cameron: And she loves her grandmother.
Gloria: I don't love "grandmother."

Quote from Phil

Haley: You win the award for worst mother ever!
Claire: I will be sure to thank you in my speech. Phil! The frying pan's on fire!
Phil: Son of Jor-EI! Everybody stay calm!

Quote from Haley

Alex: She's not there. You're just gonna have to take me home.
Haley: We don't have time. We have stuff to do.
Alex: Then I'm just gonna have to come with you.
Gabby: Can't we drop her off at a coffee shop or something?
Haley: What, so she gets kidnapped and I get in trouble? No, thank you.

Quote from Manny

Jay: Let's see if we can get you some snow pants.
Manny: I just wish I felt better. I think I'm coming down with flu-like symptoms.
Jay: A couple of hours before your camping trip, huh?
Manny: I want to go. It's just, if I'm sick, I might get the chaperones sick. And without chaperones, it's anarchy.
Jay: Manny, listen to me.
Manny: The buddy system falls apart. The principle of "last in, first out" is ignored.

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