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Quote from Lily in iSpy

Cameron: Oh, my gosh. You are redirecting me, like we do when Lily asks us a question we don't want to answer and just throw a doll in her face.
Lily: [combing her doll's hair] Wait a minute.

Quote from Haley in iSpy

Haley: Mom, this is a college class. I'm not in the third grade.
Alex: Don't you have nap time there?
Haley: No. I have free periods, during which I sometimes nap.

Quote from Gloria in iSpy

Jay: What's all that about? You mad at me or something?
Gloria: I don't know. Did you do something to make me mad? Because then I am. But if you didn't, then I am not.
Jay: I didn't do anything.
Gloria: Then I am not mad.
[aside to camera:]
Gloria: I am mad. Last night, Jay had a sexy dream about some woman. And I know it wasn't about me, because he knows that I hate when men call me baby. And, yes, people are allowed their private thoughts, and I shouldn't be so angry, but I am Latin, so I get to feel whatever I want.

Quote from Jay in iSpy

Jay: You have to stop being so suspicious, Claire. It's okay to trust people.
Gloria: Some people. Other people, who knows? You turn your back for one second, and they have a whole other family on the bad side of town.
Jay: You are my other family from the bad side of town.

Quote from Gloria in iSpy

Claire: It's not that crazy an idea.
Luke: We weren't smoking anything.
Gloria: Manny would never.
Manny: Thank you, mom.
Gloria: He's so judgy about those things. The only reason why I walk that stupid dog is so that I can smoke my cigars in peace.