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Regrets Only

‘Regrets Only’

Season 2, Episode 16 -  Aired February 23, 2011

Gloria tries to help Phil understand why Claire is mad at him. On the eve of Cameron's big fundraiser, Mitchell realizes he forgot to mail the invitations. Meanwhile, Alex suspects Haley is lying about her job as a waitress.

Quote from Manny

Jay: [singing] Oh, Danny boy The pipes The pipes are calling From glen to glen And down the mountainside The summer's gone And all the roses-
Manny: You keep this up, and this won't be the last plug I pull.


Quote from Gloria

Gloria: That's it! How is she supposed to see this? If you give me a message this tiny, I kill you.

Quote from Gloria

Gloria: That's it! You insult a woman's driving and you use the air bunnies. You do that to me and I kill you.

Quote from Manny

Manny: No! No, no, no, no, no, no, no! I can't take it anymore! Okay, it's not singing, it's screaming. Mom, I love you. But for the love of God destroy that thing before it destroys this family! [to Jay] Coward.
Jay: I think you sound great. But if it bothers the kid-
Manny: Coward!

Quote from Jay

Jay: [aside to camera] One time I forgot to get Gloria a birthday present, and I paid for it. Another time I remembered, but she didn't like the gift. I paid for that. So you'd think when I remember to buy her a gift, and she loves it I wouldn't have to pay for it, right?
[cut to Gloria using a karaoke machine:]
Gloria: [singing] Just call me angel of the morning, angel Touch my cheeks before you leave me, baby Call me angel of the morning Yeah

Quote from Cameron

Cameron: So that was Andrew, who practically choked telling me that no one had called in their regrets for the event tonight. It is gonna be a full house!
Mitchell: That must feel great.
Cameron: Oh, I never thought I would enjoy having an archenemy. But I do, Mitchell. I do.

Quote from Mitchell

Mitchell: [aside to camera] Yes, I put Cam's invites in my car to take 'em to the post office and then threw my gym bag on top of them and completely forgot they existed. Ugh, I feel terrible. Haven't been to the gym in six weeks. And I ruined Cam's event.

Quote from Alex

Manny: It is impressive how much Haley's earning. She has over $500 already. That's a lot of cheddar.
Alex: Why is everyone acting like she's the first 17-year-old to have a job? In other cultures she'd have two kids already and they'd have jobs.

Quote from Gloria

Gloria: How stupid are you? You tell me that you're seeing an old girlfriend and I-
Phil: Kill me, I know.

Quote from Jay

Jay: You two seemed fine this morning.
Claire: Well, we were because we talked about it. Which, by the way, if you want this whole karaoke thing with Gloria to go away, that's what you need to do.
Jay: That's easier said than done.
Claire: Oh, since when do you shy away from confrontation? Mr. Tough Talk. Mr. Straight Shooter. Gettin' a little soft, Grandpa?
Jay: You know, when you get a massage, you sound like a Tijuana prostitute.

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