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Quote from Haley in Spuds

Claire: Are you still talking about that crazy movie?
Haley: Well, it messed them up! We took them to the park. Swing set... bored. Cute squirrels... snore. Then an old lady walking her poodle trips and gets dragged through a rosebush, and these two burst out laughing like two stoners in a tickle fight.
Claire: I'm sure you're both overreacting the way all new parents do.
Haley: No, Mom, we're screwing this up. At the very least, we need help, like... like an au pair or something. That's two nannies, right?
Dylan: Correct.


 ‘Spuds’ Quotes

Quote from Dylan

Dylan: It still haunts her. Not to be weird, but she still won't let me mention your names while we're making love.

Quote from Jay

Jay: I hate it when they get cute with the bathroom signs. Why would French fries mean ladies and baked potato gents? Just throw one of them into a skirt.

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Quote from Written In The Stars

Haley: Are you into him or something?
Alex: No! I'm just genuinely concerned you're going to embarrass yourself or me. At least look up the difference between astrology and astronomy.
Haley: Okay, alls I know is, is that you're being a real Capricorn right now. The sun revolves around the Earth, and not you.

Quote from A Fair to Remember

Andy: Found another one. I told you.
Haley: Are you gonna do that every time? You found glass, not the lost city of Atlanta.
Andy: Wow, I'm gonna chalk that one up to a lot of underage drinking.