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Quote from Phil in Legacy

Phil: Speaking of food, y-you ever head over to your old grocery store?
Frank: Hey, listen. Do you remember that?
Phil: Oh, yeah. Penguinsquatch.
Frank: Put this town on the map.
[aside to camera:]
Phil: June 1977. Teen revelers report massive bird footprints emerging from Lake Okeechobee. A crowd gathers, but the new tide has covered the so-called bird prints, and the teens are beaten soundly. Tracks reappear several days later, and once again, word spreads through town. An ornithologist deems the prints those of a gigantic penguin, some 15 feet in height. People come from miles around to catch a glimpse of the wondrous waddler. The tracks will appear on and off for years and then disappear forever, but not before Olympic gold medalist Mary Lou Retton makes the trek to place her tiny footprints inside those of the be-flippered colossus.
Phil: Didn't we take a picnic over there a few nights?
Frank: Everyone did. It's the first time I ever saw your mother eat a bag of apples.


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Quote from Frank

Phil: So, Dad, I, uh, I w... I wanted to ask you...
Frank: Oh, boy. No serious talk, okay? Yes, I'm taking all my million pills. You can come over and press my stomach. I'm starting to feel like a bean bag chair.

Quote from Frank

Phil: This takes me to my next question. Um... did you and Mom ever... ever want a-a-another child?
Frank: Well, I suppose all parents wonder how things would have changed if they had a different child.
Phil: I-I didn't... didn't mean a different one. I-I mean an additional one.
Frank: Why do you ask?
Phil: Well, 'cause if you'd had another kid, maybe... maybe he'd have taken over the business and... and you wouldn't have had to sell. I always... I always felt kind of bad that I didn't.
Frank: The answer is no, Phil. Never. Because... Well, you did take over the family business, didn't you? Keeping life light, making it fun for everybody.
Phil: I learned from the best.

Quote from Frank

Frank: You know, your mother and I came here every Sunday for 44 years.
Phil: You miss her, don't you?
Frank: It comes and goes. Fourth of July is rough.
Phil: Really? I didn't realize she was so patriotic.
Frank: Well, it's that hot dog eating contest they have on TV. You know, I always thought that your mother could have been a competitive eater. No food ever expired in our house. She'd see that last day pop up on a pound of bacon or a gallon of milk, and down it went. It was personal for her.