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Quote from Jay in Summer Lovin'

Jay: I know you can't tell me, but that B. Willis Jungle Gym, that's Bruce Willis, right? His kid goes here?
Miss Ford: Well, we do pride ourselves on privacy here at Davenport, but, uh, you may have a "sixth sense" about this.
Jay: I'll be damned. He looks like the kind of guy you want to have a beer with, you know?


 ‘Summer Lovin'’ Quotes

Quote from Haley

Haley: I never realized how many people hold hands in malls. And now that gays are legal or whatever, it's basically everyone.

Quote from Dylan

Dylan: No, take it from Haley and me. It's hard to be apart and then together and then apart and then together and then apart and then turned down by the Marines and then together.

Quote from Dylan

Dylan: Haley, you look as yummy as ever.
Haley: [chuckles] Thanks. What's going on?
Dylan: So, I'm designing t-shirts now, and I'm trying to get the stores to sell them. I'm wearing one.
Luke: "Lie"?
Dylan: "Live." The neck is the "v."
Phil: Game changer.
Dylan: Yeah, and I've got all these great "V" words. "Love," "dove"-
Claire: Leave.
Dylan: ­"Governor."