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Quote from Cameron in Blasts from the Past

Cameron: Oh, really? You want to give away the very first Gucci hoodie I ever bought our daughter?
Mitchell: Okay, "first Gucci" is why our retirement planner fired us as clients. Also, Haley and Dylan are having twins, okay? They really need this stuff.
Cameron: I know. I-I-I still can't believe she's pregnant. Although...
Mitchell: I know you're about to say something catty. You're practically purring.
Cameron: Wasn't Claire a bit "fun" in her 20s? You know, we have a saying back home: "The crawdad don't skitter far from its crick."
Mitchell: Okay, you're clutching a Dolce & Gabbana onesie, decide who you are.


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Quote from Dylan

Phil: Buddy, are you sure you're okay?
Dylan: Trust me, I'm a nurse. By now there'd be clear signs if I had a concursion.

Quote from Cameron

Cameron: If anything, I'm worried she acts a little young for her age. I mean, isn't a little too old for these unicorns and teddy bears and...Playgirl?
Mitchell: Oh! Oh, God. Where... Where did she get that?
Cameron: I didn't even know they still made these. Although it's heartening print media isn't completely dead.
Mitchell: Okay, you're getting off track. Our daughter is looking at [whispering] naked men.
Cameron: I know. We're gonna have to talk to her about it. You know, my parents never talked to me about anything sexual. They just sent me to the stables when the horses were breeding, and wow, did that create some unreasonable expectations.

Quote from Jay

Jay: [aside to camera] I enjoyed a lot of years taking pride in my great uncle. I didn't want to rob Joe of that. It wasn't easy biting my tongue, but I took a page from another heroic relative, Lulach McPritchett. Proud Scottish warrior, captured by the English, tortured for months using every method imaginable, and never once giving up a single secret. Don't look him up.