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Quote from Alex in No Small Feet

Claire: Wow, that is so gross!
Jay: More like gutsy. You got to get your hands dirty to build a company from the ground up. I'm proud of you, Luke.
Alex: Uh, hold on. It was my idea to start buying thrift-store shoes. I expanded the business and doubled our profits.
Claire: You see what Alex did? She grew the business. She took it to the next level. She was able to achieve what Luke couldn't despite years of trying.
Luke: It's really only been a few-
Jay: You can't grow what doesn't exist!
Alex: Okay. Well, they're on their thing now. Just walk away.


 ‘No Small Feet’ Quotes

Quote from Luke

Alex: Explain yourself.
Luke: I'm taking photos of your feet for perverts.
Alex: Ew!
Luke: Hear me out. Remember when you couldn't return those sneakers you bought and asked me to sell them online? Right after I listed them, I got a message asking if they'd been worn and sweat in. Before I could lie and say no, I got another message. "Can I see your feet?" Apparently, there are a ton of these feet freaks on the Internet.

Quote from Gloria

Phil: Oh, this is Gloria. She'll be addressing your concerns.
Mrs. Graham: Nice to meet you. I instantly trust you. Why is that? Oh, I got it. We were once cats together. I joke! I'm not that crazy. [Phil laughs nervously] Now, tell me about the ghost.
Gloria: Well, in these suburban cases, it's usually a low-level haunting, like a dead unpaid gardener, a dead jealous boyfriend, a dead dog who left something unfetched.

Quote from Phil

Phil: [aside to camera] Personally, I don't believe in any of that evil-spirit mumbo jumbo. As a magician, I've learned that every spooky happening has a perfectly reasonable explanation. Even the eeriest of illusions, Satan's Elevator, is really just two mirrors and a tiny... Nice try.