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Lionel: Just so you know, I don't care about kickball or Popsicles or any of that stuff. I like how we live.
Pepper: You do?
Ronaldo: Lionel, don't feel pressured to say that if you don't mean it.
Lionel: I mean it. Backgammon in the study, cheese from France, not a cheetah in sunglasses.
Pepper: Lionel, you're melting my heart.
Ronaldo: Mine, too, you perfect boy.


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Pepper: [after eating and spitting out a Cheeto] And from what fromagerie...
Cameron: You're from Lubbock, Texas.
Pepper: [gasps] You son of a bitch!

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Ronaldo: [eating a popsicle] I was skeptical at first because orange is so over right now, but I love it.
Lionel: You like it, too, Pepper?
Pepper: Mm, wonderful. I haven't seen this much artificial color since Ted Turner got his hands on Casablanca.
Cameron: Your grandparents grew up in a trailer.
Pepper: I hate you.

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Pepper: Oh, I'm hurt! I'm really hurt! Oh, if you two had any money, I'd sue you.
Ronaldo: Mi amor, it's okay.
Pepper: [scoffs] It's not okay. I'm out in the wild, schvitzing like a line cook. It's one humiliation after the next! Lionel, sweetheart, I want to be the father you need, but this is not me. I hate sports and nature and... and sherbet. God, do I hate sherbet! There's ice cream and sorbet and nothing in between.