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Gloria: Shorty, why don't you come and stay with us? You will even get your own room 'cause Manny's off to college.
Shorty: College?! How's he doing?
Gloria: I wish I knew. He needed some space.
Jay: In the meantime, she sends him a care package the size of a Fiat, which included a pack of my favorite sausage.
Gloria: I did not put the sausage...
Jay: Well, where did it go, then?! I know what I ate!


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Pepper: [after eating and spitting out a Cheeto] And from what fromagerie...
Cameron: You're from Lubbock, Texas.
Pepper: [gasps] You son of a bitch!

Quote from Pepper

Ronaldo: [eating a popsicle] I was skeptical at first because orange is so over right now, but I love it.
Lionel: You like it, too, Pepper?
Pepper: Mm, wonderful. I haven't seen this much artificial color since Ted Turner got his hands on "Casablanca."
Cameron: Your grandparents grew up in a trailer.
Pepper: I hate you.

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Quote from Kids These Days

Jay: I hate losing to a team with a Viking mascot. Hey, you died out and became Swedes! Hip-hip-hooray for socialism and seasonal depression!

Quote from Bringing Up Baby

Cameron: It's a French Canadian delicacy called poutine.
Jay: Mm. Well, it looks like vomit, so I'm not pou-ting it in my mouth.