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Quote from Manny in The Long Goodbye

Manny: Well, my friend, you have just witnessed the rare perfect goodbye. History records but few flawless farewells: Oscar Wilde's deathbed bon mot, Rhett Butler not giving a... Damn it. I left my white noise machine at home. Now I have to go back there, and risk ruining our perfect goodbye. But you're gonna thank me, Trevor. [Trevor starts packing his things back up] There's something soothing about constant background noise that... Trev?


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Quote from Pam

Pam: Y'all need to move that 'fridgerator in your hall. It is straight under little Cal's crib, and the noise is keeping him up, which is weird because he was conceived in a slaughterhouse.

Quote from Pam

Pam: They figure out what started that fire?
Mitchell: Yeah, they think it was the oven.
Pam: Well, that's dumb. I turned the oven off 'fore we went on our walk.
Mitchell: You did?
Pam: Yeah, 'cause I'm the only responsible person around here. [thudding, Cal crying] Aw, dang it! Cal rolled off the sofa again!

Quote from Pam

Pam: You're low on frozen mangoes. Put it on your list. Oh, and get me a box of lady sticks.
Cameron: What... What... What are you making?
Pam: I'm making one of your fruit smoothies.
Mitchell: Oh, Pam...
Pam: All right, I'm making one of your homosexual smoothies.

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Quote from Larry's Wife

Jay: It's a movie. New York, '70s, Charles Bronson's a firm family man, and he-
Manny: Who's pushed to the limit until one day he decides to fight back.
Jay: You've seen it?
Manny: It's called "Death Wish." I doubt it ends with him trading banter in an apartment with Marsha Mason.

Quote from Thanksgiving Jamboree

Manny: [aside to camera] Luke somehow beat me in the election for president, and I still can't get over it.
Not to be hyperbolic, but humans are a decade away from fighting apes on horseback.

Quote from Patriot Games

Manny: But you also shouldn't worry about what Dad thinks. I think you should become a citizen because even back when we were alone in our apartment this is what you always wanted.
Gloria: Remember sitting by the window, watching reruns of Miami Vice on the neighbor's TV and all the bad guys were caught and all the policemen had all those nice cars?
Manny: We used to watch that and think what an amazing country this was.
[aside to camera:]
Manny: Did a little research. If Mom isn't a citizen when Jay "moves on to a better place", we could be looking at a pretty hefty estate tax. I don't wanna sound insensitive but I have acquired a real taste for truffles.