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Quote from Alex in Blindsided

Claire: It's okay, honey. You're gonna sell that murder house.
Phil: Thanks.
Claire: [reading Alex's writing] "Ahh, Get this blood off me!"
Claire: What? Wh- Off who?
Phil: [reading Alex's writing] The Walls? You mean Barb and Thad Wall? Are they in trouble?
[aside to camera; Alex holds up written notes: "Under doctor's orders not to talk for 2 days", "B/c sore throat b/c mono", "The one person in this family with anything to say...", "And I can't talk"]


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Quote from Ronaldo

Ronaldo: Mm, I'm going to miss this beautiful diva. Her tummy can get a little fussy, so if you're ever wondering what to cook for her, just ask yourself, "What would Patti LuPone eat?"

Quote from Phil

Phil: Not to sound like a total Katen, but Haley's new job seems whack.
[aside to camera:]
Phil: If Haley wants to work in promotion, she should learn from my guy, Mr. Merv Schechter. Among his brilliant innovations, the indoor blimp that drops coupons at basketball games. Sadly, it was later weaponized by several terrorist organizations.

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Quote from En Garde

Haley: No! No, no, no, no, no! Phone died!
Alex: No biggie. Your battery probably just statically defracticated.
Haley: What?
Alex: It means you can recharge it with static electricity. Just rub it on your hair.

Quote from Baby on Board

Michael: You look flawless.
Alex: Thanks.
Michael: Did I not say coral was the color for you? Look what it does for your skin. Hi!
Phil: Hi, buddy.
Claire: Hi.
[aside to camera:]
Alex: Yes, my bad boy prom date is gay. He just doesn't know it yet, so I'm basically his beard. Pre-beard. His stubble.