Luke Quote #347

Quote from Luke in The Storm

Alex: Why can't we remember this last piece? We just had it this morning.
Luke: Hey, guys. I know you're busy, but do you think being hit by lightning can make people smarter?
Alex: Get out of here.
Luke: Huh. Yeah. [starts writing on the whiteboard] It's probably just a myth. There's so much crazy stuff written on the Internet these days.
[aside to camera:]
Luke: Turns out, when they figured it out the first time, the formula was in the background of a selfie I took.
Luke: Anyway, if you don't think lightning can do that, it must not be true. After all, you are the smartest people I know. [drops the marker pen]


 ‘The Storm’ Quotes

Quote from Gloria

Gloria: What's going on here? I could cut the tension with my machete.

Quote from Haley

Haley: [aside to camera] Andy I started out pretty hot and heavy, but, uh, the last few weeks I've just been super busy, so I guess he's feeling neglected, and he's acting a little cold. I mean, a chuck on the arm? What are we, Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer? [chuckles] Those are people, right?

Quote from Cameron

Cameron: What? They didn't like the peanut-butter sandwiches?
Mitchell: No. No one would touch them after Ashley said, [as Ashley] "Crunchy?"
Cameron: Sh! What are you, crazy? She's right there.
Mitchell: Ugh! This is ridiculous. Are we really gonna let an 8-year-old dictate this party?
Cameron: You know how peer pressure is. I had an Ashley when I was Lily's age. She blackballed me from the cafeteria table, and then no one would sit with me. I had to eat outside with the class rooster. And then one day-
Mitchell: Okay, if this ends in another case of you almost eating one of your animal friends, I can't.