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Quote from Cameron in Clean for a Day

Cameron: [aside to camera] I don't know if Gloria's dreams can predict the future like mine can, but I do know that if something happened to Jay I couldn't live with myself. Of course, I wouldn't have to, because Gloria would kill me.


 ‘Clean for a Day’ Quotes

Quote from Cameron

Gloria: Cam. Why are you calling Jay?
Cameron: Am I? I-I thought I was calling the gardener. I forgot to leave the gate open, so I should probably go let him in. It'd be cruel to make Caesar climb another big fence.

Quote from Cameron

Cameron: Stay with us, Gus. Oh, my god. Those cheekbones. You look like J.F.K. Jr. He looks like J.F.K. Jr.!

Quote from Haley

Haley: Where the hell is Clutterworth?
Luke: On skid row giving our memories to hobos.
Haley: She threw out all my old Vogues. If I don't know the past, I'm doomed to re-wear it.