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Quote from Haley in Do Not Push

Phil: Honey, you are not a loser.
Haley: Oh, please. I hear the shots you all take at me. I see my sister about to lap me at a college that I would never be able to get into. Even someone as dumb as me can see that I'm a giant failure!
Phil: Haley, stop, okay? Haley, let me tell you something. You have value, talent, and potential that their tests can't measure. Who cares if you don't fit into their little box. You're finding your way. That's what your 20s are for, to take chances... To- To make mistakes and to learn from them, and you are learning from them. The fact that you won't push this button proves that.
Haley: That was really sweet, Dad. I can't believe I was gonna hit you over the head with that chair.


 ‘Do Not Push’ Quotes

Quote from Haley

Phil: Haley, put down the chair.
Haley: Why should I?!
Phil: Because this is getting absurd, and it's no fun being laughed at by a room full of scientists and a monkey in a diaper.
Luke: Yeah! We need to push that button, show those eggheads that we're not sheep!
Haley: No! Breaking the rules doesn't make you a hero! It makes you a screw-up! Take it from me, Luke. One out of a million dropouts becomes Steve Jobs. Do you know who become losers with no jobs? The other 99,000!

Quote from Luke

Phil: You're right, I set a terrible example for you.
Luke: No! It was awesome! Do you think Steve Jobs followed every rule? Doug Henning?
Phil: Keep talking.
Luke: What about that guy who lived in that town where people weren't allowed to dance? Did Footloose follow the rules?
Phil: His name was Ren, and he most certainly did not.

Quote from Mitchell

Mitchell: Now, easy on the filters, Cam. It's a family picture. We don't need sepia tone.
Cameron: You know what other tone we don't need?
Lily: Play nice.

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Quote from Written In The Stars

Haley: Are you into him or something?
Alex: No! I'm just genuinely concerned you're going to embarrass yourself or me. At least look up the difference between astrology and astronomy.
Haley: Okay, alls I know is, is that you're being a real Capricorn right now. The sun revolves around the Earth, and not you.

Quote from A Fair to Remember

Andy: Found another one. I told you.
Haley: Are you gonna do that every time? You found glass, not the lost city of Atlanta.
Andy: Wow, I'm gonna chalk that one up to a lot of underage drinking.

Quote from Sleeper

Alex: Hey, can you drop me off at the library?
Haley: Sorry. I'm meeting some friends at that coffee shop on Lake.
Alex: You mean the one next to the library?
Haley: That's a library? I thought it was a church for a religion that didn't allow makeup.