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Quote from Haley in Sleeper

Alex: Hey, can you drop me off at the library?
Haley: Sorry. I'm meeting some friends at that coffee shop on Lake.
Alex: You mean the one next to the library?
Haley: That's a library? I thought it was a church for a religion that didn't allow makeup.


 ‘Sleeper’ Quotes

Quote from Phil

Alex: This sucks. My teacher gave me mononucleosis.
Claire: As a parent, I feel I should ask about this.
Haley: Slow down. It's not like she gets that many tugs on the line.
Alex: It's for A.P. Bio. We have to write a report about a disease, and I got the worst one. This is a joke.
Phil: Actually, it's pretty serious. Back in college, I caught mono from my roommate, Ling. Served us right for fooling around. Never share a flute, kids.

Quote from Phil

Luke: When is the washing machine gonna get fixed? I'm wearing a swimsuit underneath my pants.
Claire: Everybody's gonna have clean clothes soon. The repair guy's supposed to come today between 10:00 and 2:00. Oh! Honey, can you be here for that?
Phil: Can I sit around in an empty house and wait for someone? Baby, I'm a realtor. I have a license for that.

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Quote from Written In The Stars

Haley: Are you into him or something?
Alex: No! I'm just genuinely concerned you're going to embarrass yourself or me. At least look up the difference between astrology and astronomy.
Haley: Okay, alls I know is, is that you're being a real Capricorn right now. The sun revolves around the Earth, and not you.

Quote from A Fair to Remember

Andy: Found another one. I told you.
Haley: Are you gonna do that every time? You found glass, not the lost city of Atlanta.
Andy: Wow, I'm gonna chalk that one up to a lot of underage drinking.