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Quote from Jay in Three Dinners

Jay: [aside to camera] When Mitchell was born, he was a month premature. So it was touch and go there for a while. It's 2:00 AM. I walk out into the hospital waiting room to get some air, and there's Shorty. He'd been sitting there for six hours and refused to leave for the next two days. That's where we got Mitchell's middle name. Not Shorty, Vincent. "MVP". We were a little premature on that one, too.


 ‘Three Dinners’ Quotes

Quote from Jay

Manny: What she's saying is, deep down, you're afraid Shorty's going to love Costa Rica, and you'll lose your best friend forever.
Gloria: That's what you do. You push people away, so when they leave, it doesn't hurt that much.
Manny: I don't get it. You're the greatest generation, but why can't you feel?
Jay: Why can't you spend your teen years locked in your bedroom like a normal kid?

Quote from Mitchell

Cameron: [aside to camera] Mitchell and I desperately need a romantic night out to reconnect.
Mitchell: Yeah. I don't- I don't know if it's the stress of planning a wedding, but we've been a little tense with each other lately, huh?
Cameron: Even our friend J'Marcus said how bitchy we've been.
Mitchell: What? When did he say that?
Cameron: Oh, at Pepper's party that night you wore those pants that don't fit you anymore.
Mitchell: Oh, right. And you brought that bad wine that everybody hated.
Cameron: See? We really need this.
Mitchell: We really do.

Quote from Shorty

Shorty: You're calling me a cheater? You? The guy on the golf course who can't seem to count higher than 5?
Jay: Maybe I can't keep track of my shots because somebody won't stop talking.
Shorty: It is in my nature to comment on the bizarre and unusual things I see in the world, like that convulsion you call a golf swing.